With over 25 years of experience working with multiple government agencies and oil companies, I research and obtain accurate information on behalf of mineral owners, their legal counsel and tax professionals.

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My service extends to the valuation of the mineral assets and continued tracking of revenue payments, lease operating costs, production taxes paid and the audit of the 1099's received annually by the client. Annual Ad Valorem County Tax Appraisals Values are verified, protests filed as required and work with County mineral appraisers to execute Settlement Waivers prior to final hearing dates and orders. 

Property tax statements are verified prior to payment each year with detailed review to ensure payments approved prior to due dates for all mineral properties. Clients having a working interest in wells will also benefit from my experience in JIB audit and AFE review. Accounting information is also provided to the client's CPA for use in estimated quarterly tax payments and the annual tax return.


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