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I am proficient with mapping and research with the Texas Railroad Commission and with report filings requirements with the Commission extended access by SAD certification. On a number of occasions, the General Counsel's office has requested my assistance on in-house projects and referrals from the RRC to the general public in need of assistance.

I previously worked for oil and gas companies as a revenue and division order analyst. I later worked as a Joint Venture Auditor (1985); through this audit experience, I offer accountability and reconcile production volumes being paid to royalty and working interest owners. Audits are completed to validate production volumes being reported to the State agencies and the production volumes reported on payments. When an exception is noted, a request is sent to the Oil and Gas Company to receive an explanation for the shortage. Audits are also completed through open records requested from the State Comptroller of Public Accounts to identify production volume sales along with oil and gas pricing exceptions to client revenue payments

I have had great success with the recovery of accounts that have been in suspense, unclaimed properties, and revenue after audit and comparison to production volumes in which clients were not aware the funds were past due. I have successfully recovered thousands of dollars ranging from smaller dollars to $300,000 and greater than $650,000. Additional recovery success from the audit of open records from the State Comptroller of Public Accounts records audited to the RRC records and revenue paid to clients.

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